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Customer Testimonies: The Healing Rub

 Healing Rub with Eucalyptus and Rosemary Essential Oils for bug bites, skin inflammation, headaches, car sickness, stuffy nose

The Healing Rub is our bestselling coconut salve because it is such a multi-functional product. From skin rashes and acne to car sickness, the therapeutic nature of all the ingredients working together really does bring healing to different ailments.


This will be a space where we gather and post testimonies from customers who have proven the effectiveness of Theristes' Healing Rub.

Reviewer: Fongchan S.

"After graduation rehearsal this past Saturday, I had very bad heat rash all over my body... eucalypytus and rosemary healing balm did a wonderful job to clear it up! I applied on the rash that night, and the next morning, rash was gone from my shoulders, and by today the rest is gone. Hmmm... think I'm gonna need another container to be prepared for the big day next week!"

Reviewer: Lyn H.

"The Coconut Healing Rub with eucalyptus and rosemary was a life-saver on my flight to America this past Christmas. Usually the dry air on the long flights dries my skin to the point of causing cracks, but this last trip I used this salve on my face and hands throughout the flight and my skin felt great! It is gentle enough to use on my face. When my young children get mosquito bites, I turn to this salve instead of other commonly used balms because it is gentle on their skin and won't sting if they accidentally get it near their eyes. One small container lasts a long time! I keep it next to my bed every night."

Reviewer: Leilane M.

"I waited for a month to finally write this review even when I already fell in love with my Coconut Healing Rub with eucalyptus and rosemary the first week I used it.
I love everything about it. The smell, the packaging and the mission behind it are just not easy to ignore. Well, this is not even mentioning the fact that the main ingredient used to make this wonderful product is coconut. I have been a lover of coconut beauty and health products for a few years now. I am just amazed of how dynamic and natural it is and pretty much a greater substitute for synthetic ones. So, coming across Theristes' coconut healing rub is just one great delight.
Ok. Here comes the real surprise. I have this recurring armpit allergy and been battling with it for many years. I was having second thoughts about submitting this review because I am a bit embarassed of my situation. I have tried many kinds of creams but almost always it fails to cure it. So, I am always in a search for the solution. Usually, when I find a good cream often bought in a pharmacy, it wouldn't be available the next time I look for it. And having to move from one condo to another these past few years makes it more difficult to maintain the same brand. But last month, I got hold of a cream which the pretty pharmacist advised me to use. After few days of using it, it surprisingly healed my armpit allergy. However, I was still in a search for something that would keep the allergy away without having to use the cream. By some miracle, I found Theristes' coconut healing rub and started using it on my armpit. I couldn't believe how much the salve maintained my armpit free from allergy. It has this mentholy scent which I love and it also has a cooling effect. 30 grams goes a long way too. I have been using it for a month now and I haven't even consumed half of it.
Looking closely, there are really many factors that might have contributed to my allergy free armpit. It could be the colder weather approaching December, my choices of clothes materials but it could also be the amazing coconut healing rub. To be honest, I am actually wishing to have used the coconut salve first before I used the cream from the pharmacy to see if it actually heals the allergy itself. But then, that was really out of my control. It might have not cured the allergy itself but it is surely keeping my armpit free from it.
Anyway, I hope this review would be helpful to those who are suffering from skin allergy or infection. This is the perfect solution for you. You don't believe it? Try it yourself. It will be worth it."

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