Fit to Serve Coaching

Hi, I'm Siree (a.k.a. Urban Wellness Mama), founder of Theristes.  As a busy wife and mom of three young children, I know the reality of physical, mental, and emotional energy demands on our bodies to serve our families well. If you are also a working mom, you know full well how little time we can afford to give ourselves to take preventative care of our bodies - or so we believe. It becomes a vicious cycle where the less time we have for our own health, the less energy we have to take care of others. It's important for us to be fit to serve and to serve well, and this starts with knowing what practical steps you can take to get healthier.

When you think of health and wellness, do you think of eating a strict diet and hours in the gym to lose weight and achieve a magazine cover look? In my approach, I invite you to un-learn fitness and wellness myths and gain knowledge about the truth to personal fitness and wellness.

My individualised wellness coaching program is based on a holistic approach. I don't only look at the numbers on the scale, but the ultimate goal is that you come out of the program with more energy to fulfill your life goals and the ability to maintain healthier habits that are integrated into your lifestyle. 

Are you ready to make some lifestyle changes in the following areas?

  • Have more energy
  • Lose fat, not just weight 
  • Gain muscle 
  • Detox or reduce the toxic load in your body in a gentle, safe and non-invasive way 
  • Learn to cut sugar addiction 
  • Unlearn false image expectations. 
  • Be a more discerning consumer 
  • Learn DIY recipes for a cleaner less toxic lifestyle 
  • Be educated in and safely implement fitness routines that are right for you and your fitness level
It's been said, "What you allow is what will continue." As your coach, knowing that the battle really starts in the mind, I will be your guide in helping you identify areas in your thought life that is holding you back from achieving the kind of lifestyle where you have more energy and joy in doing what you were meant to do. That can mean more energy to spend with your children and loved ones, or energy to tackle every day challenges and stress and work.

A more fulfilled life can begin with a healthier life. Will you make a stand for your life today by working on your wellness? Do you want to be fit to serve? I offer in person session as well as entirely online programs. Which of these options would work for you? Get in touch and let's talk. I am here to help you. 

My workouts and programs are practical, quick and can be modified to be performed at home with minimal equipment or in a gym. I’m working on uploading more workout videos to my YouTube channel, but meanwhile you can also find me on Instagram at @urbanwellnessmama where you can follow my own fitness journey and workout ideas.


There are a lot of training plans out there, but personally, as I was on the journey to improve my own fitness and find the right plan for me, there have been hits and misses as I tried out various online plans. The biggest issues I had was that the affordable ones did not offer customised solutions for me or my schedule, or get one-on-one feedback from the trainer.

So, now that I am a certified fitness professional and have confidence to help my clients achieve their own goals, I’m committed to building customized training plan just for you, your fitness level, equipment available, your goals, and importantly, your schedule and lifestyle.

With the amazing flexibility and convenience of an online training program and my Urban Wellness Mama training app, you can bring your workouts to the gym or do them at home and  track your progress. I will review your progress and tweak your training plan.

Click here to sign up and start your fitness journey today.

To your health and wellness,
Siree Sivapetchranat
American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer

Instagram: @urbanwellnessmama

Coach Siree is a John Maxwell certified coach, speaker, and trainer.
Certificate in Food and Health from Stanford University
Certified Group Coach by Creative Results Management
ACE (American Council on Exercise) Personal Trainer