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June 2021 FREEBIE + GIVEAWAY Contest

The days are long but the years are short. Make the most of the time you have with your kids while they are at home.

 The last day of school triggers different emotions for parents and children, doesn't it? Our children whole-heartedly welcome summer break with joy and jubilation. No classes, no homework, no tests and they get to go to bed later and sleep in! However, for parents, the thought of summer break can be daunting. What do we do with our kids? 

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Introducing Our New Rewards Program!

We are so thankful for our loyal customers and are excited to launch our Rewards Program! Now, you can earn points with every purchase 1 point for every Baht spent, as well as many other ways to earn points! Just joining the program rewards you with 200 points! It's easy to earn and easy to redeem! Redeem your points for to receive a discount on your order. Click on the green bar to your right to join today!


Theristes Rewards Program

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NEW! Refill Service for Our 100% Natural Sunscreen

Update on our packaging 

☀️ In our effort to help reduce plastic waste as much as possible, we are now offering a refill service for our 100% non-toxic natural sunscreen is now available!

When you order our sunscreen online, we will sold at 550 Baht per 150 grams. We will carefully pack the sunscreen lotion in a zip lock bag and you can transfer the sunscreen into your old sunscreen bottle or any bottle of your choice. 


Why people love our sunscreen:

  • It is a physical sunblock using non-nano zinc oxide. The smaller nano-zinc oxide can get absorbed into your bloodstream, which you do not want to happen!
  • It's non-greasy
  • It's free from synthetic colors and fragrances
  • It's coral safe


100% natural sunscreen with non-nano zinc oxide. Non-greasy. Water-resistant. Apply half an hour before sun exposure and reapply after two hours.

No synthetic chemicals, no parabens, no sulfates, no perfume.

Our skincare products are made in small batches with love...from our home to yours.

List of all ingredients used: Organic extra virgin coconut oil,
Natural beeswax, Non-nano zinc oxide

Size: 150 mg

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How to Use the Original Coconut Salve with Essential Oils

Did you know that Theristes Original Coconut Salve is super versatile and can be combined with your favorite pure essential oils for different purposes.
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Introducing Rest & Recover Wellness Retreats

Wellness retreat near Bangkok


Tired out? Stressed? Need to recharge? Come away and unwind in the lush tranquillity of the Sampran Riverside with this 3-day retreat! A fun and relaxing get-away with lots of time to rest, as well as practical tips and techniques for your total wellness. Build not only your physical strength through simple exercises, but also enhancing your emotional balance and resilience through our helpful and practical workshops.

Emotional Wellness Sessions:

Session 1: Understanding Emotional Wellness 
This session discusses the characteristics of emotional wellness and un-wellness, their causative factors and some techniques to help build greater self awareness towards achieving emotional wellness

Sessions 2 & 3: Towards Happy & Effective Inter-Personal Relationships
This 2-part session discusses the importance of relationships in happy and healthy lives.  It explores how and why  relationship break  down, and teaches some skills and techniques to build and sustain healthy relationships

Physical Wellness Sessions:

Session 1: Easy Stretch Sessions
Learn to unwind and restore muscular balance by incorporating correct stretching techniques.

Session 2: Increasing Muscle Strength with Do-Anywhere Easy Resistance Bands Exercises 
Maintaining your muscle mass and strength is important as we age is a desirable goal since it helps our metabolism and strong muscles are important in helping reduces stress on our bones. This can be achieved consistently by using even light resistance exercises. Learn skills and techniques to incorporate into your daily life.

Session 3: Physical Wellness Goals: Losing Fat vs. Losing Weight
Knowledge is power! Unlearn popular health and weight-loss myths in this wellness talk about correctly setting wellness and fitness goals.

Session 4: DIY Natural Beauty Workshop
A fun workshop where you will make use effective natural beauty recipes to take home your own products!


  • 2 Nights Accommodation (Single)
  • 2 Lunches & 2 Dinners
  • 3 Emotional Wellness Sessions
  • 3 Physical Wellness Sessions
  • 1 DIY Natural Beauty 
  • All Workshop Materials 
  • Rest & Recovery Prompts and Activities (Journaling & Art)
  • Thai Cooking Class 
  • Optional Talk Therapy Session
  • Optional Life Coaching Session

Excluded: Mini Bar, beverages at meals, and other meals not included in the program.

Important note: Please advise any dietary restrictions when making your booking, and we can change the menu accordingly.

Cost: 14,900.- Baht per person

Call to reserve your spot at 081.623.5865 or 085.905.8548
Email: retreats@theristes.com


Click on images to download the PDF flyer for the Rest & Recover Retreat.

Purchase tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/rest-recover-wellness-retreat-tickets-44222438504?ref=estw

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Customer Testimonies: The Healing Rub

 Healing Rub with Eucalyptus and Rosemary Essential Oils for bug bites, skin inflammation, headaches, car sickness, stuffy nose

The Healing Rub is our bestselling coconut salve because it is such a multi-functional product. From skin rashes and acne to car sickness, the therapeutic nature of all the ingredients working together really does bring healing to different ailments.


This will be a space where we gather and post testimonies from customers who have proven the effectiveness of Theristes' Healing Rub.

Reviewer: Fongchan S.

"After graduation rehearsal this past Saturday, I had very bad heat rash all over my body... eucalypytus and rosemary healing balm did a wonderful job to clear it up! I applied on the rash that night, and the next morning, rash was gone from my shoulders, and by today the rest is gone. Hmmm... think I'm gonna need another container to be prepared for the big day next week!"

Reviewer: Lyn H.

"The Coconut Healing Rub with eucalyptus and rosemary was a life-saver on my flight to America this past Christmas. Usually the dry air on the long flights dries my skin to the point of causing cracks, but this last trip I used this salve on my face and hands throughout the flight and my skin felt great! It is gentle enough to use on my face. When my young children get mosquito bites, I turn to this salve instead of other commonly used balms because it is gentle on their skin and won't sting if they accidentally get it near their eyes. One small container lasts a long time! I keep it next to my bed every night."

Reviewer: Leilane M.

"I waited for a month to finally write this review even when I already fell in love with my Coconut Healing Rub with eucalyptus and rosemary the first week I used it.
I love everything about it. The smell, the packaging and the mission behind it are just not easy to ignore. Well, this is not even mentioning the fact that the main ingredient used to make this wonderful product is coconut. I have been a lover of coconut beauty and health products for a few years now. I am just amazed of how dynamic and natural it is and pretty much a greater substitute for synthetic ones. So, coming across Theristes' coconut healing rub is just one great delight.
Ok. Here comes the real surprise. I have this recurring armpit allergy and been battling with it for many years. I was having second thoughts about submitting this review because I am a bit embarassed of my situation. I have tried many kinds of creams but almost always it fails to cure it. So, I am always in a search for the solution. Usually, when I find a good cream often bought in a pharmacy, it wouldn't be available the next time I look for it. And having to move from one condo to another these past few years makes it more difficult to maintain the same brand. But last month, I got hold of a cream which the pretty pharmacist advised me to use. After few days of using it, it surprisingly healed my armpit allergy. However, I was still in a search for something that would keep the allergy away without having to use the cream. By some miracle, I found Theristes' coconut healing rub and started using it on my armpit. I couldn't believe how much the salve maintained my armpit free from allergy. It has this mentholy scent which I love and it also has a cooling effect. 30 grams goes a long way too. I have been using it for a month now and I haven't even consumed half of it.
Looking closely, there are really many factors that might have contributed to my allergy free armpit. It could be the colder weather approaching December, my choices of clothes materials but it could also be the amazing coconut healing rub. To be honest, I am actually wishing to have used the coconut salve first before I used the cream from the pharmacy to see if it actually heals the allergy itself. But then, that was really out of my control. It might have not cured the allergy itself but it is surely keeping my armpit free from it.
Anyway, I hope this review would be helpful to those who are suffering from skin allergy or infection. This is the perfect solution for you. You don't believe it? Try it yourself. It will be worth it."

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Why the Wise Should Avoid Using Petroleum Jelly on the Body

Do You Know the Dangers of Petroleum Jelly?

Petroleum jelly and mineral oil are petroleum-based products, the same substance gasoline is made from. Such products can be harmful to your body, because it cannot eliminate the substance quickly. Petroleum products are constantly being scrutinised and studied.

Mineral oil and petroleum jelly, which are widely used in cosmetics, are made from petroleum, a crude oil substance that comes from the ground yet can be very toxic. Different refining processes transform petroleum into paraffin wax, greases, and plastics. The Vaseline company describes its petroleum jelly product as "a mixture of mineral oils, paraffin and microcrystalline waxes that ... literally melts into skin, flowing into the spaces between cells and the gaps in our lipid barrier. Once there, it re-solidifies, locking itself in place."

Harmful Effects of Petroleum Jelly and 
Mineral Oil on our Bodies

Since petroleum jelly and mineral oil (its liquid equivalent) attach to your cells and are not water soluble, they can be difficult for your body to eliminate, sometimes causing buildup in various organs of the body. The oxygen and nutrients skin needs in order to release toxins and repair itself can be blocked by the "barrier" created by petroleum cosmetics. Petroleum substances can also be listed as "petrolatum" on ingredient labels. Petroleum is not considered safe for ingestion or internal use in large amounts, yet is the base of many lip balms.

Wherever Possible, Choose the Better Alternative

Our products are carefully crafted to provide beneficial benefits to your skin without compromising on quality. "Natural" doesn't always mean healthy since there are natural toxins that we should not be applying to our bodies. Our aim is to offer products that are natural and healthy, and not add anything that could compromise the benefits of those ingredients. You will find that our ingredients lists are short and simple with ingredients that recognize. Some manufacturers may use natural ingredients yet still decide to add harmful chemicals to these ingredients and ultimately create a toxic product.

We stand by our commitment to provide products that are free from artificial preservatives, petroleum jelly, parabens, synthetic perfumes, artificial colors, and harmful chemicals, and sulfates.

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Why Coconut Salves?

I'm sure many of you have heard of all the many different uses and health benefits of using extra virgin coconut oil. Not only can use it to cook, eat, clean your teeth and gums, but is also very popular to use on your skin and hair. In colder climates, coconut oil actually becomes quite hard and solid and it may be easy to use directly in that way without any modifications. However, I live in Thailand and coconut oil stays in its natural liquid form.

Many years ago, I tried using it in its liquid form in my daily skincare routine, but I found that it was really messy and way too oily to use. Also, if you use too much, coconut oil will dry out your skin. So, it was a challenge to find that right balance for me. The coconut oil that I bought came in bottles with a regular opening so it was hard to not pour out too much. I decided to use spray bottles but I still felt that it could not be absorbed very well into my skin, and I smelled so strongly of coconut. I didn't mind it, but my husband was not too fond of the smell. So, I just gave up using coconut oil and went back to the "good old" commercial lotions with the perfect creamy consistency that we were all used to.

However, part of me still craved to go back to using something totally natural without any harmful synthetic chemicals. And as I continued to read more about all the dangerous stuff that big skincare companies use to achieve that perfect texture, smell, and shelf life, I became more and more worried about the long-term health effects. In addition to that, I've had hormone problems and actually a cancer scare, so it really pushed me to find a healthier and natural alternative to skincare that I have to use everyday!

After extensive research, testing, and being inspired by many of the wonderful natural bloggers out there, I was happy to make my own wonderfully luscious coconut salve with all natural ingredients that is non-greasy and absorbs so nicely onto my skin. I have really dry skin but my skin felt soft not oily after using the salves. The coconut smell wasn't as strong and I can take the tins in my purse without worrying that it will spill out and ruin my purse and its contents.

I packaged it for my own use little tins and jars for a while, and I was just so excited at how effective this coconut salve was that I really wanted to share it with others. At the same time, my personal ministry of the Bangkok Christian International Library was in need of funding to keep it open. It just seemed that the salves could be a great way to raise funds and at the same time share the benefits of this product with many people. All in all, it really is a product driven by my passion to bless others spiritually through the ministry of BCIL and a passion to help others be physically healthy as well.

I hope to use this blog to provide useful information about the dangers of various chemicals in everyday products and why it's important for consumers to be fully aware and knowledgeable about them.

Our health and bodies are really gifts that we need to take care of and literally be good managers of! Do you agree?


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What is the quality of the coconut oil used in our skincare products?

We use pure coconut oil with high production quality guarantees by three institutes of organic certificates, USDA, JAS and EU.

Coconut oil is an edible oil extracted from the kernel of matured coconuts harvested from the coconut palm. It has various applications in food, medicine, and industry.

To produce Organic Coconut Oil, our supplier uses only fresh, hand-harvested coconuts,  grown in organic certified coconut plantations. Under hygienic conditions and  constant quality controls the fresh coconut flesh is first cold pressed, then filtered.  Followed by a sophisticated, centrifugal process. The entire pressing process is done gently  and carefully, without any chemical additives, so that the freshly pressed coconut oil remains as natural as can be.

This preserves the natural composition of the virgin coconut oil and guarantees the high content of vitamins, minerals and medium-chain fatty acids as well as the wonderful fresh and pure coconut aroma.


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