Why Coconut Salves?

I'm sure many of you have heard of all the many different uses and health benefits of using extra virgin coconut oil. Not only can use it to cook, eat, clean your teeth and gums, but is also very popular to use on your skin and hair. In colder climates, coconut oil actually becomes quite hard and solid and it may be easy to use directly in that way without any modifications. However, I live in Thailand and coconut oil stays in its natural liquid form.

Many years ago, I tried using it in its liquid form in my daily skincare routine, but I found that it was really messy and way too oily to use. Also, if you use too much, coconut oil will dry out your skin. So, it was a challenge to find that right balance for me. The coconut oil that I bought came in bottles with a regular opening so it was hard to not pour out too much. I decided to use spray bottles but I still felt that it could not be absorbed very well into my skin, and I smelled so strongly of coconut. I didn't mind it, but my husband was not too fond of the smell. So, I just gave up using coconut oil and went back to the "good old" commercial lotions with the perfect creamy consistency that we were all used to.

However, part of me still craved to go back to using something totally natural without any harmful synthetic chemicals. And as I continued to read more about all the dangerous stuff that big skincare companies use to achieve that perfect texture, smell, and shelf life, I became more and more worried about the long-term health effects. In addition to that, I've had hormone problems and actually a cancer scare, so it really pushed me to find a healthier and natural alternative to skincare that I have to use everyday!

After extensive research, testing, and being inspired by many of the wonderful natural bloggers out there, I was happy to make my own wonderfully luscious coconut salve with all natural ingredients that is non-greasy and absorbs so nicely onto my skin. I have really dry skin but my skin felt soft not oily after using the salves. The coconut smell wasn't as strong and I can take the tins in my purse without worrying that it will spill out and ruin my purse and its contents.

I packaged it for my own use little tins and jars for a while, and I was just so excited at how effective this coconut salve was that I really wanted to share it with others. At the same time, my personal ministry of the Bangkok Christian International Library was in need of funding to keep it open. It just seemed that the salves could be a great way to raise funds and at the same time share the benefits of this product with many people. All in all, it really is a product driven by my passion to bless others spiritually through the ministry of BCIL and a passion to help others be physically healthy as well.

I hope to use this blog to provide useful information about the dangers of various chemicals in everyday products and why it's important for consumers to be fully aware and knowledgeable about them.

Our health and bodies are really gifts that we need to take care of and literally be good managers of! Do you agree?