All Natural Citronella Spray (Alcohol-free)

350.00 ฿

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Full list of ingredients: Distilled water, pure citronella essential oil

Size: 100 ml

Suggested usage: Shake the bottle well and spray liberally onto the body or clothing. Avoid contact with the eyes. If sprayed into eyes, rinse immediately.

Product description:
Introducing Theristes' Citronella Spray! Formulated without alcohol, give the bottle a little shake and spray directly on your skin, on clothing, and as a room spray. Gentle enough for children's skin.
It's important to product yourself and especially children from insects, but you should do your best to avoid insect repellent sprays with DEET a toxic chemical, which are present in many commercial insect repellents. Researchers at Duke University Medical Center have found that DEET causes diffuse brain cell death and behavioral changes in rats.

Theristes would like to offer an alternative to the harsh chemicals in mainstream bug sprays with our citronella spray formulated with pure citronella essential oil.

What is citronella oil? Citronella oil is popular as a 'natural' insect repellent. Its mosquito repellent qualities have been verified by research,[1] including effectiveness in repelling Aedes aegypti (dengue fever mosquito).[2] To be continually effective most citronella repellent formulas need to be reapplied to the skin every 30–60 minutes.[3]

In addition, a 2009 study published in the Journal of Vector Ecology found that use of diffusers containing citronella essential oil helped repel mosquitoes.

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